Benefits of Kegels for Men

You might assume that Kegels, exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic floor, are not helpful for men. Women often turn to these exercises following childbirth to help their bodies recover from the pregnancy. While Kegels target muscles that help support the womb, there are also benefits that both men and women can experience: better bladder control and improved sexual health. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) and are considering ED treatment, you may want to begin by incorporating Kegels into your core workout.

As you age, your pelvic floor muscles can start to weaken.  If you also suffer from diabetes or an overactive bladder, this area may be even weaker. Injuries or surgeries may also impair bladder and bowel control. To help prevent urinary and fecal incontinence, focus on strengthening the muscles that support the bladder and bowel. This may decrease the frequency of problems such as post-urination dribble or constant urges to urinate.

Some men have found that doing Kegels regularly improves their ability to get an erection. The action of the exercise pumps blood to the penis, assisting with circulation. Proper blood flow is an essential part of achieving and maintaining an erection. This exercise also builds the muscles around the genitalia and pelvic floor, enabling you to also improve the erectile angle. The squeezing action involved in Kegels can be used to delay ejaculation until the point of climax. It’s a way to train your muscles and gain more control. It’s important to focus on mastering Kegels during your regular workouts, not during sex, to develop your ability to tighten the right muscles and then relax.

Incorporating Kegels into your workout routine can be a simple was to address bladder control and improve sexual function. However, if you find yourself continually unable to perform during sexual activity, you may want to seek professional ED treatment. When you visit Men’s Health Plus, you will learn about the non-invasive WAVE Therapy and other reliable methods of ED Treatment.


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