Body Calm helps relieve anxiety, muscle tension, and migraine headaches, while promoting overall relaxation, mental awareness, & detoxification.

  • Magnesium — vital for the proper functioning of hundreds of enzymes; may cause vasodilation which can help lower blood pressure and may help prevent or relieve headaches

  • GABA — an amino acid that can be beneficial in calming nervous activity

  • Taurine — an amino acid that has been linked to improved mental function, reduced anxiety and promoting a detoxifying effect in the body; may be effective in treating diabetes by increasing glucose metabolism

  • Theanine — an Amino acid and natural remedy for reducing physical and mental stress and anxiety without causing sleepiness


+  Lower blood pressure +  Increase in secretion of HGH +  Improved mental function +  Detoxification +  Reduction in anxiety +  Increased glucose metabolism


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