Men’s Health Plus can help revive your sexual confidence so that you can start enjoying the excitement of sex again. 

Make personal performance a priority and reclaim the intimacy that you have come to cherish with your partner when you visit our clinic for an evaluation. Men’s Health Plus specializes in treating erectile dysfunction (ED) and the symptoms that occur with this condition. For those who are seeking a treatment option other than invasive surgery and medication, we now offer WAVE therapy.

We let results do the talking. With a 98% success rate in treating ED (also known as impotence), we’re confident that we can find the best option for you.

Factors That May Contribute To Your Erectile Dysfunction:

You know that you are more than capable of performing when the time is right. But other factors can be responsible for ED. Here are some examples:

  • Heart Disease

  • Alcohol and/or Smoking

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Diabetes

  • Certain Prescription Medications

  • Obesity

  • Performance Anxiety

  • Low Testosterone

  • Prostate Trouble

What It Feels Like To Have Erectile Dysfunction:

Like other medical problems, erectile dysfunction has telltale signs and symptoms. Here are the three most common:

  1. Achieving an erection is uncharacteristically difficult.

  2. Maintaining an erection becomes troublesome.

  3. Your usual sexual desire seems to be uncommonly absent.

How Common is Erectile Dysfunction?

We want you to know that you’re not alone. Almost 40% of men over the age of 40 experience some form of erectile dysfunction. By age 65, this number leaps to nearly 70%. But let’s get technical for a moment. This problem can happen under a number of different circumstances. Sometimes it demands medical intervention. Other times all that’s needed is a change of scenery.

Drinking “a few too many” can impair even the healthiest young male. More complicated causes exist as well. Heart disease impacts the blood vessels of your entire body—that’s not an easy fix. For these reasons, men who experience recurring episodes of ED are encouraged to speak with experienced medical professionals with relevant insight into the factors that are contributing to this problem. Once a diagnosis is made, our team can begin crafting a specific plan for ED treatment.

Simple Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

Sometimes cases of ED have surprisingly simple solutions. In other cases, medical assistance is necessary. Every case is different. We want you to know, however, that our team of dedicated sexual health specialists at this clinic is here to find the best possible answer for you. If that includes partnering with your primary care physician, we are prepared to do it. Rest assured, we won’t let you down. We’re here to identify the causes of your difficulty and we are ready to discuss every possible resolution.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Preventable?

There are some instances where developing ED is unlikely, if not preventable. Here are some examples of things that have been shown to reduce the likelihood of experiencing impotence:

  • Healthy Lifestyle Habits and Quality Diet

  • Reduced Stress

  • Not Smoking Cigarettes or Drinking Alcohol

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