Foods & Drinks that Could Be Hindering Your Sex Drive

Did you know some of the foods and drinks you encounter on a daily basis may have a negative impact on your sex drive? As your resource for understanding men’s sexual health, we wanted to share information about some items that have the potential to reduce testosterone production and decrease your sex drive.

Soy Products – Did you know that soy-containing products, like soy sauce, soy milk, and tofu, contain estrogenic plant compounds known as isoflavones. Some studies suggest that consuming large amounts of this compound can reduce testosterone levels, which can result in problems with ED and a lower sex drive.

Mint – In some studies, mint consumption was linked to a reduction of testosterone levels, which can then lower a man’s libido. It is the menthol itself (which is present in lower quantities in tea) that can reduce testosterone levels. Not sure if your testosterone levels have dropped? You can have your testosterone levels checked when you visit Men’s Health Plus, a leader in providing men with sexual medicine.

Processed Foods – Did you know that processed food has many important nutrients removed, and sometimes this includes nutrients that boost sexuality and help with reproduction? When whole wheat is refined to make white bread, the zinc that would normally be present is significantly reduced. And zinc is an important mineral that assists with male reproduction. Consuming large amounts of processed foods can also contribute to developing pre-diabetes and insulin resistance. These conditions can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction.

Coffee – Do you rely on caffeine to make it through each day? It’s not the coffee itself that messes with your sexual desire, but the anxiety that can occur from exorbitant caffeine consumption. Increased anxiety has been known to lower your sex drive.

Cakes, Cookies and Candy – Consuming treats that contain high amounts of sugar changes your blood sugar levels. The sugar crash that comes after can lead to fatigue and lower energy levels. The trans fat that is in many of the best desserts can also raise blood sugar and contribute to a lower libido.

Licorice – Red Ropes, Twizzlers, Good & Plenty, and Sour Straws. You might want to approach these treats with caution – and not just because of the sugar content. There is a compound in licorice known as glycyrrhizic acid. This compound may suppress testosterone levels in men.

Chocolate – This treat is a double-edged sword. While chocolate has chemicals that help the body release endorphins, it can also lower testosterone levels. So, while you may be having increased feelings of euphoria, having significantly lower testosterone can result in decreased energy, fewer feelings of sexual arousal and problems with ED.

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