Slim Boost uses a special combination fat burning lipotropics and powerful antioxidants that help the body turn fat into energy.

  • Pyridoxine (B6) — Promotes red blood cell production & converts food to energy

  • Methionine — Helps break down sugars & carbohydrates and convert to energy

  • Inositol — Converts food to energy

  • Choline — Healthy nerve cells, cuts muscle recovery time, converts fat to energy

  • Methylcobalamin — Promotes energy, healthy nerve cells

  • Thiamine (B1) — Improves immune system, converts fat & carbohydrates into energy

  • Riboflavin (B2) — Increases metabolism, supports immune system

  • Carnitine — Improves fat metabolism and energy, reduces recovery times, and promotes muscle building potential


+  Converts food to energy +  Improves immune system +  Increases fat metabolism +  Build muscle +  Reduces appetite +  Increases energy


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